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Har Vokse vs Rogaine – Which is best for hair loss?

If you're asking which is best, Har Vokse vs Rogaine? Then I have some big news for you.

They are not competing products.

Comparing Har Vokse with Rogaine is like comparing apples with bananas. They are both completely different products.

You can get good apples and bad apples. You can also get good bananas and bad bananas.

Har Vokse and Rogaine are both very good products, and sell like hot cakes all over the world. They both have had varying degrees of success in stopping further hair loss, and promoting future growth.

So rather than trying to choose between the two products, you might be better off considering trying out both, as they actually compliment one another.

How so? Well Har Vokse is actually a totally natural product, containing no medication whatsoever. Whereas Rogaine relies totally on the main ingredient Minoxidil, which is a drug overseen by the FDA.


Har Vokse

So how can Har Vokse be so effective when there are no drugs involved?

Well you may have heard of Nourkrin and Viviscal... If you haven't it doesn't matter. They are added supplements very similar to Har Vokse in that they contain vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth, along with a marine protein that helps to stimulate hair growth.

The supplements have long been popular with women in the beauty sector for getting thicker shiny hair, with the added benefit of improving the appearance of their nails and skin.

What makes Har Vokse unique is that it also has an external soothing spray. What this means is that you are taking in the active ingredients both from the inside, and from the outside.

The spray works into the pores on your scalp, thus helping the hair follicles from the outside.

You are best looking at a good Har Vokse review first though.



If you do decide to use Har Vokse, there is no reason why you shouldn't use Rogaine as well. Although the risks are slightly higher than Har Vokse.

You've probably heard more about Rogaine due to the extensive advertising. You are unlikely to get any side effects though, as the worst that's been reported is slight skin irritation.

It's really not a big gamble when you consider the advantages of stopping hair loss.